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  • 12 Jan, 2023
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Health care is a global enterprise that includes both physical and mental health. It includes a variety of tasks, such as long-term healing as well as the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, illness, and injury. A well-functioning healthcare system, according to the World Health Organization, needs a consistent funding source, a workforce that is appropriately trained and compensated, facilities that are kept up to date, and access to trustworthy data on which to base decisions.

In the 2022 Global Health Care Outlook, the current state of the global health care industry is examined, along with six urgent sector issues: health equity, mental health and wellbeing, the future of medicine, reimagined public health, environment, social and governance, digital transformation, and convergence of healthcare delivery models. These problems lay out the steps to take in order to increase resilience and produce better health care outcomes in the new normal.

Numerous current and/or emerging trends in health care have been expedited by COVID-19, particularly those related to health equity, the environment, and sustainability. Additionally, changing consumer preferences and behaviour, the union of the life sciences and healthcare industries, the rapid development of digital health technologies, new talent and care delivery models, and clinical innovation continue to be on the minds of health care executives around the world.

India's healthcare industry has grown significantly in both employment and income. Hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance, and medical equipment all fall under the category of healthcare. Due to improved services, coverage, and rising spending by both public and private entities, the Indian healthcare industry is expanding quickly. There are two main parts to India's healthcare delivery system: public and private. The government, or public healthcare system, concentrates on establishing primary healthcare centres (PHCs) in rural areas while maintaining a small number of secondary and tertiary care facilities in major cities. The bulk of secondary, tertiary, and quaternary care facilities are run by the private sector, with a focus on metropolitans and tier-I and tier-II cities.

It should come as no surprise that healthcare organisations are crucial to the search for efficient healthcare solutions. In India, there are many people who suffer from various medical ailments, and the country's healthcare system has done everything possible to address these issues. In the past 20 years, numerous businesses have emerged in India to provide a variety of healthcare-related services, including medical tourism, online pharmacy shopping, online lab test booking, ambulance services, smart telemedicine solutions, alternative treatment options like Ayurveda and yoga, health insurance, etc.

One of those organisations is Healthcare in your hand, a Delhi-based healthcare organisation that has been operating as a healthcare service provider under Hitows healthcare Pvt. Ltd. for more than 10 years. It offers a common platform to connect people around the world with reliable healthcare-related service providers who serve in a broad domain such as medical tourism, online doctor consultation, online pharmacy and lab services, ambulance services, healthcare at home and institutional settings, among other things. This is the only organisation in India that may provide any healthcare services a person may require. The comprehensive nature of its services makes it a unique platform that recognises each and every demand of a patient and eases one's life by outlasting any trouble and difficulty one may encounter.

Healthcare in your hand or HCH has years of experience in the healthcare industry, where it has primarily helped tens of thousands of patients in terms of medical travel. It uses a holistic strategy that has been scientifically validated in order to give people around the world a strong foundation to better serve their needs in terms of healthcare. Its goal is to provide services to people in a single click that are the most quick, transparent, and affordable.

Medical Travel at HCH:

From 2020 to 2021, little over 33% of Indians travelled for medical purposes. In the years 2021–2022, it rose to 50%. In the first half of 2022–2023, it has surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

Patients from Bangladesh, Iraq, the Maldives, Afghanistan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania frequently travel to India. Approximately 88% of all foreign patients travel from these nations to India, and even residents of affluent nations are contributing to the rising numbers. By 2026, the industry is expected to grow dramatically.

The significant accomplishments the Indian healthcare sector has accomplished over the past 30 years demonstrate how far it has come. One of the industries that has contributed the most money and is expanding rapidly is healthcare. Both public and commercial organisations support healthcare. In order to attain a structured Universal Health Coverage in recent years, national health policies have been crucial in creating a more inclusive healthcare system (UHC).

In the last decade of the 20th century, India became well-known as a global leader in medical travel. In 2020, 186,644 foreigners would visit India for medical treatment, according to predictions from the tourism ministry. About 7% of all FTAs are made via it. People's decisions to travel for medical treatment are mostly influenced by the low cost of care abroad, the cultural background of the practitioner, the shared language, and certain procedures that are unavailable in the home country. The Indian medical tourism market is projected to be valued US$ 7,417 million in 2022 and US$ 42,237,47 million in 2032. According to the estimate, demand will increase at a healthy 19% CAGR between 2022 and 2032. According to the Medical Tourism Index, India is the tenth most popular medical tourism destination in the world.

India takes up around 6.5% of the global market for medical tourism. The medical tourism sector in India has grown as a result of the increase in foreign medical travel. Improved healthcare delivery is now possible because to ongoing developments in medical technology, including wearable technology, surgical techniques, and networked technologies.

Patients can set up appointments, speak with doctors, and get top-notch care from anywhere in the world with the help of telemedicine, tele-health, and other technology.

The government has made it a priority to establish India as the epicentre of medical tourism, and due to its efforts and the increasing demand, India will surely overtake other countries as the preferred destination for medical tourists in the future. In addition to leading the world in the ability to save millions of lives, India will also create valuable jobs and more than $13 billion in foreign cash. With its systematic structure and partnerships with the greatest hospitals and doctors in the globe, Healthcare in Your Hand has become one of the best organisations in India for medical tourism.

Healthcare in your hand, or HCH's flagship initiative, is medical travel, which acts as a guide for patients as they negotiate the healthcare system in India and abroad. It is one of the top organisations for facilitating medical tourism since its staff is highly skilled and knowledgeable about medical procedures, treatments, and systems in their native nation or region. They aid with every aspect of medical trip planning, from making appointments to providing post-procedure care, and assist foreign and occasionally domestic patients in choosing healthcare providers. Affordable, high-quality care is attainable and can be arranged with the least amount of stress and difficulty when you have a medical tourism facilitator on your side.

The market for medical tourism in India is expanding quickly, and the government is making use of all of the tools at its disposal to tap into the full potential of the industry. The aim is to make India the world's leading medical tourism destination by doubling its income to $13 billion in only four years. The administration has also proposed spending US$28.7 billion on health and wellbeing, a 137% increase from what was projected for the previous year.

HCH offers a variety of medical treatment services including dental procedures, cosmetic and plastic surgery, stem cell therapy, organ transplants (liver, kidney), orthopaedic, organ transplants (liver, kidney), and dental operations in conjunction with top hospitals in India and overseas. Additionally, HCH has great influence over alternative medical options in India, including Ayurveda and Yoga.

In India, HCH has a significant presence in cities like Delhi NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore in addition to well-known Ayurvedic treatment centres in Kerala. India is also well-established in other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as Singapore, Thailand, and Canada. Thousands of patients have received care from HCH as part of its medical travel programme, mostly in the in-bound services area, where it has provided care for many patients.

As per Health Care in Hand, access to healthcare-related services must be simple for every human being on the earth since they feel that having excellent health and mental peace are among an individual's fundamental rights. This accessibility is also constrained by a weak healthcare infrastructure. Consequently, healthcare in your hand promises to provide people with a structure that is largely reliable, honest, and transparent. We have developed a scientifically validated holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, as well as a highly sustainable framework, after years of research and brainstorming. These efforts are intended to meet every need for improving one's health. Healthcare in your hand is India's top organisation because of its philosophy and dedication to helping those in need.

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