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Glenn Procedure

Glenn Procedure


Hospital Price


Our Price



Package includes:

Days in hospital : 5 to 6 Days (For patient and one attendant)

Days in hotel : 10 Days  (For patient and one attendant)

Room type in hospital : Shared

Room type in hotel : Private

Hotel category: Standard

Value added benefits of the Glenn Procedure:

Ø  Doctor consultation charges

Ø  Lab tests and diagnostic charges

Ø  Room charges inside hospital during the procedure

Ø  Surgeon Fee

Ø  Nursing charges

Ø  Hospital surgery suite charges

Ø  Anesthesia charges

Ø  Routine medicines and routine consumables (bandages, dressings etc.)

Ø  Food and Beverages inside hospital stay for patient and one attendant.


Extra benefits:

ü  Interpreter

ü  Visa assistance

Ø  Site tourism of the city

Ø  Follow up with the doctor

Ø  Airport pick up and drop

Ø  Free online consultation with the doctor

Ø  Priority appointments with the doctor

Ø  Room upgrade from sharing to private

Glenn Procedure

Glenn Procedure


Hospital Price


Our Price



Glenn Procedure available in 65 hospitals


Value Added Benefits

Value Added Benefits By Hospital By HCH

In-Patient Room Upgrade

Airport Transfers

Cancel Anytime with Full Refund

City Tour for 2

Free Teleconsultation

Complimentary Hotel Stay

Priority Appointments

Medicine Voucher

Care Packages for Recovery

24/7 Patient Care and Assistance

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