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Medical Counselling has become the fundamental need of the society in healthcare environment. If a Patient wants to use its own capabilities and resources optimally, he/she needs sufficient amount of information about the disease, it’s treatment procedure and cost associated. Lack of information and intellect towards this subject may lead to deviate the patient from best line of treatment and cost. Sometimes this may turn out to be fatal, due to ignorance. Hence, Medical counselling is the need of the hour. WHO defines it as a well-focused process, which is time limited and specific for a particular medical condition with the help of an expert.

At HCH we interact with people to help them deal with their medical problems and respond in a proper way so that they can avail best in class medical treatment in a cost-effective manner. Here we aim to address patient who have Lack of information and lack of reachability to connect with right hospital and right doctor for the treatment of a specific medical condition. It is been observed that experience of End-to-End systematic process of treatment is super frustrating and tiring for people, also there is a lack of trust and transparency in procedure, treatment charges and other related logistics. To overcome this much ignored issue, we have designed a platform so that we can provide best in class end to end solutions to the patients who needs to get treatment from best suited hospitals and experienced doctors in the related field.

Here, we serve as a counsellor seeking Symptoms and/or Prescription and reports if any, from an individual and based on those inputs, our panel of experts shares advise and quotation, explaining...

·     Which hospital and doctor will be best suited for the type of disease against which the treatment is required.

·     Well defined Estimate on How much will it cost to get the complete treatment.

·     What time will it take for the for the treatment procedure

·     How much will it cost to travel (Flight Reservation booking service applicable as optional)

·     How much will it cost to stay in the city near chosen hospital (Reservation booking service applicable as optional)

·     How much will it cost for a translator/interpreter if required

·     How much will it cost to hire a Dedicated assistant, who will be taking care of all necessary works in hospital including connecting Family to the Doctor, Getting Appointment, help in Medicine and surgical item needs, Visiting card needs, Assistance in relation with health insurance and all daily chores into the hospital. (on per day chargeable basis)

In medical settings, our primary goal is to assist patients in enlarging their perception of their situation and discovering their true potential in coping with the disease so that they can lead a healthy and quality life. The vision of this program is to present a coordinated intervention involving all medical and social attributes in a counselor-medical staff-patient collaboration. At HCH our proposal is to demonstrate the need of a collaborative effort amongst diverse experts in order to provide tangible and significant benefits to all members of the social system in which we live. This demand is displayed pretty clearly in the area of health and medicine, and guiding one to overcome a medical condition appears to be one of the finest solutions in this frustrating and tiring struggle. We want you to assure that we are there to help you in finding best suited solution for your medical condition globally.


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