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Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant


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Package includes:

Days in hospital : 22 Days (For patient and one attendant)

Days in hotel : 40 Days  (For patient and one attendant)

Room type in hospital : Twin

Room type in hotel : Private

Hotel category: Standard

Value added benefits of the Liver Transplant:

Ø  Doctor consultation charges

Ø  Lab tests and diagnostic charges

Ø  Room charges inside hospital during the procedure

Ø  Surgeon Fee

Ø  Nursing charges

Ø  Hospital surgery suite charges

Ø  Anesthesia charges

Ø  Routine medicines and routine consumables (bandages, dressings etc.)

Ø  Food and Beverages inside hospital stay for patient and one attendant.


Extra benefits:

ü  Interpreter

ü  Visa assistance

Ø  Site tourism of the city

Ø  Follow up with the doctor

Ø  Airport pick up and drop

Ø  Free online consultation with the doctor

Ø  Priority appointments with the doctor

Ø  Room upgrade from sharing to private

Liver Transplant available in 9 hospitals


Value Added Benefits

Value Added Benefits By Hospital By HCH

In-Patient Room Upgrade

Airport Transfers

Cancel Anytime with Full Refund

City Tour for 2

Free Teleconsultation

Complimentary Hotel Stay

Priority Appointments

Medicine Voucher

Care Packages for Recovery

24/7 Patient Care and Assistance

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