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Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift (Upper Lids Only) cost in India

The cost of Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift (Upper Lids Only) in India ranges from USD 1450 to USD 4000

Procedure Description:

Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift (Upper Lids Only)

A surgeon creates incisions along the crease of the eyelids during an upper blepharoplasty in order to remove protruding fatty tissues and peel back extra skin. An eyelid reshaping and incision closure procedure precedes the removal of any loose skin. The wound may need to be closed with stitches.

Disease Overview:

Orbital Fat: The ejection of intraconal and extraconal orbital fat to a region outside of its anatomical bed is known as orbital fat prolapse. This benign disorder can affect the subconjunctival area most commonly, the infratemporal fossa, or the intracranial space.

Disease Sign and Symptoms:

The patient may have local edema if the prolapse extends to the sub and retroorbicularis fat pads via the orbital septum. Signs of optic nerve compression, such as decreased visual acuity, affection in the visual field, dyschromatopsia, and relative afferent pupillary deficiency, are indicative of posterior prolapses.

Disease Causes:

Important risk factors include obesity, thyroid orbitopathy, age, trauma, and surgery.

Disease Diagnosis

The clinical examination is typically used to make the diagnosis, however when in question, imaging methods like CT and MRI can be used to provide information on lesion density and posterior extension. Imaging and additional research are always necessary when there is posterior prolapse.

Disease Treatment:

In cases of pain, conservative treatment may involve using artificial tears for lubrication. Repositioning or excising the prolapsed tissue is the goal of the surgical technique. The adipose tissue can be moved posteriorly and then the conjunctiva can be fixed to the sclera to obtain the desired repositioning.

Surgery: One kind of surgery called blepharoplasty involves removing extra skin from the eyelids. As we age, the muscles that support our eyelids weaken and they stretch. This can lead to an accumulation of fat and extra skin above and below your eyelids. This may result in bags beneath the eyes, droopy upper lids, and sagging eyebrows.

In addition to ageing, significantly drooping skin around the eyes can impair peripheral vision, or side vision, particularly in the outer and higher regions of the visual field. These eyesight issues can be lessened or eliminated with blepharoplasty. Additionally, the procedure might give eyes a younger, alerter appearance.

Country wise cost comparison for Blepharoplasty Eyelid Lift (Upper Lids Only):

Country Cost
India $1710
Canada $3698

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In Country
  • 2 Day in Hospital
  • 2 No. Travelers
  • 4 Days Outside Hospital

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