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Buccal Fat Pad Removal cost in India

The cost of Buccal Fat Pad Removal in India ranges from USD 450 to USD 1500

Procedure Description:

Buccal fat pad excision

Buccal fat pad excision is done for facial recontouring and to block oroantral communications. The fat in your face that lies between your jaw and cheeks is called buccal fat. Your face's shape is influenced by these adipose pads. A procedure called buccal fat removal is used to remove fat from this part of the face. This might draw attention to the contours of your face, particularly the hollowed-out spaces between your cheekbones and jawline and your cheekbones. Another name for the process is a cheek reduction.

Problem Overview:

Buccal Fat

A pad of adipose tissue (fat) located in the cheek beneath each cheekbone is known as buccal fat. These pads differ in size and form from person to person. Increased fat in the buccal area can make the face appear rounder.

Problem Causes

Due to genetics, excess buccal fat frequently runs in families. Think about your relatives and forefathers; they can appear alike.

Problem Diagnosis:

The plastic or cosmetic surgeon performs a complete evaluation prior to doing buccal fat removal surgery. The following are included in the evaluation:

1. Obtaining Medical History: The surgeon will obtain a thorough medical history from the patient, covering past surgeries, prescriptions, allergies, and pre-existing medical issues. Assessing the patient's general health as well as any possible dangers or procedure-related problems requires the use of this information. 

2. Physical Exam: A thorough physical examination of the face is performed to determine the quantity of buccal fat, skin elasticity, and facial structure.

3. Aesthetic Goals Discussion: In order to tailor the procedure, the surgeon will also go over the aesthetic goals with you during your initial appointment. The surgeon will also provide an estimate of the possible results of the procedure. 

4. Facial Analysis: The surgeon may carry out this procedure, which entails assessing the symmetry of your features and evaluating particular facial dimensions. This aids in the surgeon's planning of the operation to produce a harmonious and balanced facial contour.

5. Photography: To illustrate the improvements that can be achieved by surgery, the surgeon will take pictures of the patient's face from various perspectives and process them using imaging software.

Problem Treatment:

Buccal fat reduction is an elective plastic surgery treatment used to reduce fat in the lower cheek, highlighting the jawline and cheekbones and giving the lower portion of the face a slimmer appearance. A pad of adipose tissue (fat) located in the cheek beneath each cheekbone is known as buccal fat.

Country wise cost comparison for Buccal Fat Pad Removal:

Country Cost
India $585
Canada $4173

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Total Days
In Country
  • 1 Day in Hospital
  • 2 No. Travelers
  • 3 Days Outside Hospital

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