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Otoplasty Ear Surgery cost in India

The cost of Otoplasty Ear Surgery in India ranges from USD 2800 to USD 7000

Procedure Description:

Otoplasty Ear Surgery

Your doctor will perform an otoplasty to surgically alter the size, shape, or position of your ears. As seen above, incisions can be performed inside the inner ear creases or on the backs of the ears. Otoplasty, also referred to as cosmetic ear surgery, is a treatment used to modify the size, shape, or position of the ears.

Disease Overview:

Protruding ears

The term "prominent ears" refers to ears that protrude from the side of the head. Protruding ears are a birth defect that typically affects both ears of a child. Ear protrusions don't require medical attention because they don't pose any health risks.

Disease Causes:

The outer ear typically rests at a 20–35 degree angle on the side of the head in most individuals. When they deviate from this, it may be the cause of low self-esteem. Only a small portion of people should experience hearing problems as a result of protruding ears. Although this trait usually runs in families, it can also occur sporadically or as a result of other problems.

1. Overdevelopment of cartilage: If there is an excessive amount of cartilage on the ear, the pinna will protrude more.

2. Underdevelopment of cartilage: This happens when the outside edge of the ear sticks out instead of folding inward toward the head, or when the ridge of cartilage at the top of the ear does not fold appropriately during development in the womb.

3. Injury: Rarely, diseases or trauma can result in ears that protrude.

Disease Treatment:

With otoplasty, a qualified plastic surgeon can correct ears that protrude or are malformed. It entails remolding and redesigning the ears and is also known as ear pinning or ear remodeling. Usually, it entails making tiny incisions behind the ears to facilitate access and hide any scarring. A few stitches will be placed by the surgeon throughout the procedure to contour and sculpt the ear to sit at a closer angle to the head.

Otoplasty only takes two to three hours of work, therefore it's a rather rapid treatment. Following that, bandages will be applied to your ears, and before releasing you to recover at home, we'll make sure you're medically stable.

Plastic surgery called ear pinning is used to permanently move your ears closer to your head. It's an optional (elective) procedure. To improve their appearance and lessen the appearance of protruding ears, a person may decide to have their ears pinned.

One kind of otoplasty is ear pinning, which is surgery to alter the size, shape, or position of your outer ear. Additional otoplasty procedures include the following: 

1. Rebuild missing ear tissue.

2. Make the big ears smaller.

3. Resculpt damaged or malformed ears.

Although adults do occasionally elect to have the operation, children and teenagers are the ones who typically have it.

Country wise cost comparison for Otoplasty Ear Surgery:

Country Cost
India $3600
Canada $6073

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country
  • 1 Day in Hospital
  • 2 No. Travelers
  • 13 Days Outside Hospital

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