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Cervical Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery cost in India

The cost of Cervical Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery in India ranges from USD 4000 to USD 10000

Procedure Description:

Cervical Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery

During cervical posterior spinal fusion surgery, each vertebra is screwed into place and then joined by a rod. To encourage the formation of new bone, chips made from your own or a donor's bone are positioned around the hardware and along the exposed bones. The vertebrae fuse—or grow and join—together during time.

Disease Overview:

Cervical spine fracture

Fractures of the cervical spine are often associated with mandibular fractures and frontal impact injuries, as well as soft tissue or bone injuries of the maxillofacial region. In different research, there has been confirmation and denial of a relationship with mandibular fractures. There is a weak correlation between upper cervical spine fractures and mandibular fractures, according to several research. The most challenging portions of the neck to scan radiologically are typically the upper and lower cervical regions; if these cannot be cleared, the patient has to be managed as though they have a cervical spine fracture until the injury is ruled out. It could be necessary to switch from normal procedures to alternative approaches—which do not include rotating or extending the neck—when there is a cervical spine fracture.

Disease Sign and Symptoms:

Symptoms and indicators

1. Pain at the fracture site that worsens with movement and pressure.

2. A restricted range of motion in the neck and its proximal regions.

3. decreased strength in the neck muscles.

decreased movability.

4. A diminished sense of equilibrium.

5. Having trouble getting out of bed or getting up from a chair.

Disease Causes:

Most cases of cervical fractures are caused by high-energy trauma, including falls or car accidents. Ground-level falls, including falling off a chair, can cause neck fractures in the elderly. There is also risk for athletes.

Disease Diagnosis:

It could take radiographs, a CT scan, or even an MRI to accurately assess and validate the cervical fracture diagnosis.

Disease Treatment:

The type and extent of the damage will determine how a particular cervical fracture is treated. If the fracture is mild and non-displaced, immobilization with a brace may be necessary until the wound heals adequately. Surgery is usually necessary to correct alignment, stabilize the spine, and regain function in the neck and spinal cord if the fracture is severe or the spine is unstable.

Country wise cost comparison for Cervical Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery:

Country Cost
India $4860
Canada $18987

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country
  • 4 Day in Hospital
  • 2 No. Travelers
  • 21 Days Outside Hospital

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