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Dermal Fillers cost in India

The cost of Dermal Fillers in India ranges from USD 300 to USD 1500

Procedure Description:

Dermal Fillers:

A brow lift is a type of cosmetic surgery where your forehead is moved to lift it, smooth out wrinkles, and make you look younger.

Your skin becomes less elastic as you get older. Wrinkles are caused by the cumulative effects of UV damage weakening your skin and gravity pulling your brow down. Your eyebrows may develop "frown lines" on your forehead, which give you an angry or serious appearance. It's also possible to create horizontal lines. Your eyebrows may droop to the outside, giving you a depressed or worn-out appearance. A forehead lift can be the best option for you if you want to reverse these organic changes to your body.

An additional term for a brow lift is:

1. Lifting the forehead.

2. Rejuvenating the forehead.

3. Browplasty.

4. A lateral (temporal) brow lift.

Disease Overview:

Nasolabial folds and cheek acne scars

An apparent facial feature that might occasionally result in less agreeable expressions is the nasolabial fold. Sometimes it gives you a depressing or dismal appearance, which makes those around you perceive you differently. The nasolabial fold may result from aging-related skin thinning and drooping. The cheek may make a big difference. The nasolabial fold can be smoothed and the cheek or skin reinforced once more with the use of a filler.

Disease Sign and Symptoms:

Among the main reasons for nasolabial folds are:

Aging: Gravity may cause loose skin in this area to fall, and your cheekbones may flatten as you get older. Additionally, your skin has fewer elastin and collagen. These organic compounds are responsible for the skin's elasticity, resilience, stretchability, and capacity to maintain its original shape.

Smoking: Smoking causes your skin's elastin and collagen to be destroyed.

Sun damage: Collagen and elastin are also broken down by the sun's rays.

Gaining or losing weight: Excessive weight loss may result in looser, more skin. Gaining weight might make your cheeks appear larger. Nasolabial folds may be accentuated in either scenario.

Disease Causes:

Rather than being an indication of aging or a medical issue, nasolabial folds are a normal aspect of human anatomy. But as people get older, these creases could droop and get deeper.

Some people also get lines near to their nasolabial folds as they age. Some people get lines that reach the chin; these are known as marionette lines at times.

A multitude of causes contribute to the increased visibility of nasolabial folds, such as:

1. Sun exposure affects the skin, resulting in wrinkles and textural changes

2. Aging-related loss of collagen causes the skin to appear thin and feeble.

3. Loss of fat, which can give the cheekbones and surrounding areas a sagging appearance

Deeper wrinkles can be brought on by facial expressions as skin ages. Similar to how frowning often might result in creases around the eyebrows, smiling more frequently can deepen nasolabial folds.

Additional elements that contribute to skin aging are as follows:

1. Tobacco use

2. Being in contact with environmental contaminants

3. Excessive weight loss or frequent weight swings

Disease Diagnosis:

Tests for nasolabial folds do not exist. They are either visible to you or not. The decision to seek medical attention for aging indications is entirely yours.

Disease Treatment:

Although they are a cosmetic concern, nasal folds do not pose a health risk and do not always need to be treated.

If their nasolabial folds are particularly noticeable, some people might choose to get rid of them. There are cosmetic procedures that can remove or lessen the appearance of nasolabial folds.

Options for treatment consist of:

1. Dermal fillers: These are little implants that are inserted beneath the skin. They can make the skin look plumper, which lessens the appearance of wrinkles. To elevate the cheeks and hide the nasolabial folds, a physician can inject dermal fillers just beneath the skin in the top cheek or nasolabial fold area. The process can happen in a physician's office. Although nasolabial folds cannot completely disappear, they can be less noticeable with fillers. Additionally, they can be used to make the skin around them appear younger and fuller.

2. Skin resurfacing procedures: These procedures can make the skin around nasolabial folds appear younger. For example, laser skin resurfacing can lessen the visibility of age spots and scars.

Deep exfoliation provided by microdermabrasion gives skin a younger, thicker appearance. These procedures won't eliminate the nasolabial folds, but they can lessen their appearance.

3. Surgical removal: By performing a procedure known as subcision, a physician can significantly lessen the appearance of nasolabial folds. In addition to treating scars and acne blemishes, this surgery may also help with nasolabial folds. A needle is used by the surgeon to split apart pockets of tissue during subcision. This can lessen the depth of the nasolabial folds and provide a more youthful appearance to the surrounding skin by restructuring the area around them.

Country wise cost comparison for Dermal Fillers:

Country Cost
India $540
Singapore $1174

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