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Hemicolectomy cost in India

The cost of Hemicolectomy in India ranges from USD 4800 to USD 10000


A hemicolectomy involves removing the colon, which is a portion of the large intestine, surgically. If there is a disease affecting your colon or if it has developed cancer, this treatment is performed.

It is possible to remove portion of your colon without compromising its functionality within your digestive system. Your digestion is hardly affected at all when the afflicted portion is removed and the remaining ends are put together.

Country wise cost comparison for Hemicolectomy:

Country Cost
India $5220
United Arab Emirates $14495
Singapore $36820

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country
  • 5 Day in Hospital
  • 2 No. Travelers
  • 16 Days Outside Hospital

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$36820 $0

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