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Abdominoperineal Resection cost in India

The cost of Abdominoperineal Resection in India ranges from USD 6350 to USD 10000

Abdominoperineal Resection:

An abdominal incision is used during surgery to remove the anus, the rectum, and a portion of the sigmoid colon. Body waste is gathered outside the body in a disposable bag, and the end of the intestine is connected to an aperture in the abdomen's surface.

Country wise cost comparison for Abdominoperineal Resection:

Country Cost
India $6840
United Arab Emirates $15445
Singapore $38245

Treatment and Cost


Total Days
In Country
  • 5 Day in Hospital
  • 2 No. Travelers
  • 16 Days Outside Hospital

Treatment cost starts from


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Abdominoperineal Resection

Start from in India

$6840 $7600

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Abdominoperineal Resection

Start from in United Arab Emirates

$15445 $0

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Abdominoperineal Resection

Start from in Singapore

$38245 $0

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